Critical Writing Workshop: Opening Notes

This site documents outcomes of the Third Edition Festival’s Critical Writing Workshop, which took place at various venues across Stockholm, 9-11 February 2018. Participants worked on texts responding to the performances and commissions, thinking about noise, power, control and release, composition and improvisation.

The workshop,Led by Jennifer Lucy Allan, aimed to think about ways to use writing as a tool with which to translate and express the complexity of our thoughts and the visceral emotions prompted by sound and music, while being embedded in the weekend’s performances. It asked how we might put these experiences into words, and looked at how we use language, form and structure to communicate these ideas. Other discussions also arose over the course of the weekend: by what mechanism does music present images to our mind? What does it mean to listen to what we might call noise? How does an audience affect performances of improvised music?

The workshop’s participants are: Frida Sandström, Jenny Berger Myhre, Jenny Soep, Charlie Camille Thomas, Nathalie Wuerth, Daniel Palmberg, Ivar Järnefors. The below texts were produced during and in the days following the festival.

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